Vote May 24, 2022

After much encouragement from friends, colleagues, and family I have decided to seek the Republican Party’s nomination for Floyd County Commission Post 4. I feel I am well qualified and possess the right kind of experience to service the people of Rome and Floyd County. I have previously been employed by Floyd County for many years. I served 12 years on the Rome/Floyd County Planning Commission and I am looking forward to the opportunity to help property owners through any zoning issues they may have if I am elected. I have also owned and operated two businesses here in Floyd County for the past 33 years, Rome L/P Gas and Rhino Waste and Recycling, Inc.

We have all seen our property taxes increase year after year. I will work to reduce the burden of high taxes, and to cut waste and unnecessary spending. I will also work to provide better pay and benefits for our county employees. I want the men and women who work for Floyd County to know that we appreciate the work that they do.

It is my desire to leave a legacy so that when my children and grandchildren think of fairness, caring, and integrity—they think of me. I look forward to meeting friends both new and old during the campaign. I would like to ask you to vote Ronnie Kilgo Floyd County Commissioner Post 4 on May 24th, 2022.